Product Module Descriptions

Alert is a business management system specifically designed to meet the operational and business management needs of service organisations and corporate service departments.


The emphasis is on providing high levels of customer service while reducing costs through greater efficiencies.


Alert is an integrated system that manages the full project life cycle from initial customer request to delivery and billings. Projects form the hub of Alert with all activities, both core and supporting, being managed as projects. All business activities are linked to and managed as projects for the purpose of gaining control and visibility over the
organisations activities.


Alert may be deployed as an enterprise system concurrently managing multiple and separate individual companies or as a single company system. Alert is also multi-currency capable allowing each Company to operate in a ‘Local’ currency and transact with customers in multiple foreign currencies.

Alert Module Descriptions


Primarily TimeAlert is concerned with the management and utilisation of human resources.

  • Resource planning and scheduling
  • Timesheet entry with powerful time detail entry control
  • Timesheet approval processes – user defined
  • Resource Budgets
  • Forecast, Planned and Actual Resource Usage
  • Employee work calendars – employee availability facilities
  • Employee work assignments at varying levels including Task and Work Items
  • Weekly and Financial Period management performance measurement
  • Powerful and flexible time analysis – budget, forecast, plan and actual
  • Capacity management
  • Utilisation reporting



ProjectAlert provides tools for effective project management of fixed duration and ongoing projects.

  • Management facilities for multiple, concurrent projects
  • Fixed duration and on going project management
  • Project portfolio management – manage multiple concurrent projects
  • Management of work items by projects
  • Real time Project status and progress reporting
  • Detailed sales and margin analysis by project



The main focus of SalesAlert is to ensure that all billings are raised and that they timely and accurate.

  • Quotation management facility
  • Orders management – order book (sales), outstanding orders, revenue by order
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Forecast billings and cash flow management by project
  • Service billing detail reports
  • Invoice and credit entry and production
  • WST and GST compliant
  • Service, Product, Software and Miscellaneous billing types
  • Earned value and gross margin reporting for true revenue and margins
  • Automated Unbilled Revenue and Unearned Revenue reporting
  • Automated matching of revenue earned to costs incurred for accurate period margins
  • Activity based costing for true Gross Margin reporting
  • Powerful and flexible performance reports, graphs and drill down analysis
  • Multi Currency capable
  • Enterprise level reporting in selected reporting currency



The main focus of PurchaseAlert is to manage costs of internal and external suppliers of services and products.

  • External service provider resources time and cost management
  • Purchase order creation and management
  • Supplier services reporting
  • Services and products cost management by projects



RequestAlert is the interface between the customer and the service  provider. It provides a single central knowledge base where requests are tracked and progressed through to the delivery of products and services.

  • Service Performance Statistics tracked
  • Integrated to product management for specific application object / version issue logging
  • Assignment of requests to projects and employees
  • Fault class tracking of requests / issues
  • User defined severity, types, priorities etc
  • Record request reference against work items such as testing and software development work orders
  • Report statistics of response performance to requests – graph and multi dimension analysis
  • Flexible internal and external request management and status reports



Managing the development and support of multiple versions of software products for multiple customers is the primary aim of SoftwareAlert.

  • Manage multiple software products and versions
  • Manage customer specific versions
  • Define and manage individual software product objects
  • Controlled software development
  • Production management – work order management
  • Product documentation produced from development
  • Integrated production and testing modules
  • Software delivery processes and controls